Family Portrait - short film 2015  Director: Kelly Holmes Costume Design: Gwendolyn Basala

Family Portrait_Shoot 21
Family Portrait_Shoot 44
Family Portrait_Shoot 99
Family Portrait_Shoot 100
Family Portrait_Shoot 75
Family Portrait_Shoot 19
Family Portrait_Shoot 13
Family Portrait_Shoot 18
Family Portrait_Shoot 117
Family Portrait_Shoot 112
Family Portrait_Shoot 73
Family Portrait_Shoot 119
Family Portrait_Shoot 53
Family Portrait_Shoot 31
Family Portrait_Shoot 38
Family Portrait_Shoot 35

The Girl Without Hands - MFA Show 2015 Costume Design and Construction: Gwendolyn Basala

The Girl: A Poor Beginning
The Girl's Father
The Girl's Mother
The Devil
The Palace Gardener
The Queen: Morning Stroll
The Queen: Royal Wedding
The Girl: Royal Wedding
The Priest
Wedding Guests
The Girl: In the Palace
The Queen's Mother
Palance Footmen
Palace Maid
The Queen's Army
The Queen's Courier
The Angel

T ide - short film 2014  Director: Gordon Napier Costume Design: Gwendolyn Basala

Historical Work 2009-Present Costume Design and Construction: Gwendolyn Basala

1770s Linen Quarter-back Gown
1770s Jacket and Petticoat
1797 Evening Gown
1800-1810 Cotton Day Dress
1810 Walking Dress with Spencer
1820 Evening Gown
1830 Silk Day Dress
1840 Cotton Voile Day Dress
1860s Undergarments
1863 Ballgown with headdress
1860s Silk Day Dress
1860s Wool Dress
1860s Paletot
1860s Silk Day Dress with Sontag
1912 Evening Gown
1920s Evening Dress

Negative Space - short film 2010  Director: Nick Kusto Costume Design: Gwendolyn Basala

Fairytale - BFA Show 2009 Costume Design and Construction: Gwendolyn Basala

Irish Dance - Solo Competition Dress 2009 Design and Construction: Gwendolyn Basala

Skirt Panels
Design Sketch
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1770s Linen Quarter-back Gown

Made of finely striped linen and lined in the bodice and sleeves with a lightweight, white linen. Trimmed with silk ribbons. Sewn entirely by hand.